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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last week(s) in video games

I know, I know. I missed last week's roundup. Last Monday was a holiday for us Canadians and I celebrated by joining my family on an annual ice fishing trip. Sure, I could have done the roundup on Tuesday, but what's the fun in that? Now that that is out of the way, let's not waste anymore time and get right into it, shall we? A bit of a heads up, it's mostly about the PS Vita.

So there has been a ton of dirt coming out regarding the PS Vita. It's no secret that the Vita is starting to look like a risky venture into the handheld market based off of the low Japanese sales. Japan is known for loving handheld gaming and if they're not buying it, then the North American consumers might not be very eager to pick it up either. Reports of developers dropping Vita projects only to move over to the 3DS have been surfacing, yet Sony denies them being true. Yet when you look at the upcoming games for the 3DS, it looks like Vita is going to have a tough time luring gamers over to their corner.

Another strike against the North American release of the Vita is that we will not have the option to play digital copies of our PSP games. Sony's head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida said that this decision was made because of the lack of demand in the North American market. The PSP didn't do so well over here (which is another reason why the PS Vita seems like a bad idea to me) so including a feature in a device that won't be used is basically throwing money down the drain. Makes sense, but I bet there is something else going on there that would make them choose to take it out.

Okay, lets switch gears a little bit here and talk about Pokemon. Anyone reading this play the Pokemon Black & White game? Yeah, me either. Truth be told I have yet to play a handheld Pokemon game and I don't think that'll change anytime. Anyway, Nintendo has announced a sequel to Black & White which had some fans plesently surprised for about 2 seconds when they realized that it would be released on the DS. Wait, what? I wonder if the game was put in development when the 3DS was going through that slow sales period and they decided to make it for the DS in case the 3DS went the way of the Virtual Boy. I mean, I'm not gonna play it anyway, but still pretty weird that Nintendo would still choose to release a game on the DS when the 3DS is killing it these days. You'd figure they would delay it and develop it properly.

Now it's everyone's favourite part, the tidbits!
  • Cock Tease III, erm, Diablo III's release date will be revealed "in the near futre." Thanks Blizzard!
  • The 3DS hit the 5 million units sold mark in 52 weeks. That's a record, by the way.
  • With that in mind, it looks like a 3DS version of the Dreamcast classic Seaman might be a reality.
  • Check out this article on how David "God-Of-War" Jaffe feels about story in video games.
  • The PC version of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be released on May 18, 2 months after the console versions are released.
  • The new Medal of Honor game, Warfighter, is set to be released this October.
  • Mario Tennis Open will be released on May 20th for the 3DS. That seems like a pretty fast turn around.
  • And lastly, North American Wii owners will finally get to quench their JRPG appetites with Xenoblade Chronicles. Set to be released on April 6th.

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