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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

It's that time again. No, not time to take over the world. That's coming later. No, it's time to give you the run down of what happened last week as far as video games goes. You'd think you'd be used to this by now. Got nothing really worthwhile to report in the world of Sturby other than I am (finally) playing Brutal Legend. Holy hell this game is fun. Plus, I wasn't aware of how many amazing, old school metal songs were in this game. Since playing the game I can't stop listening to Diamondhead, Testament and Iced Earth. It's been a lot of fun so I'm not sure what people were upset about when the game came out. Oh well, I'm enjoying it. But onto the task at hand. There was a fairly big announcement this past week so let's get to it!

So I hope you're not doing anything on May 15th, because that is the day that Diablo III will be released. It doesn't look like the impressive Collector's Edition will be released on the 15th (at least not yet) so those who've pre-ordered that may be SOL for a little while longer. Other than that there isn't much else to say. The game has been in development for a while and last week I reported that PvP has been axed at the moment but it may return later on in the form of a patch. Either way you better rest of that index finger of yours because you will be clicking to hell and back later on this Spring.

I read something that I was going to throw in the tidbits but it has sparked a rage in me that I need to unleash. Capcom has announced that new DLC will be available for Street Fighter x Tekken in April. The DLC will give you the ability to swap costumes between different characters as well as getting access to the characters found on the Vita version (once it's released). Looks like all of the DLC will run you about $30 but the content that you will be paying extra for is already on the disc...... This just drives me absolutely insane! Now I have no problem with paying for DLC that is stored somewhere on a server because I don't already own it. But to pay for the ability to play something that I already own is madness! It would be like paying for a 6 pack of beer and then having to pay a fee to open each bottle! To me this is a huge low blow and I now have zero interest in trying out this game.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, lets wrap up with a collection of tidbits from the week:
  • Looks like the next Xbox will not be on display at this year's E3.
  • An HD version of Shenmue has been finished for over a year and may be headed to the Playstation and XBox Live networks.
  • Click here to try the new Free To Play Command and Conquer game.
  • A Walking Dead video game has been revealed. Check out our Facebook page for the first Teaser Trailer
  • Baldur's Gate I and II are going to be remade and they will include new content to expand the original game.
  • Looks like Neo Geo is making a new handheld and it will be coming out in a few months. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week.
  • Look for an Elder Scrolls MMO game to be revealed shortly
  • The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards were on Friday and here's a list of the winners of their Video Game honours:
Story: Portal 2
Original Music: L.A. Noire
Audio Achievement: Battlefield 3 (skipping)
Design: Portal 2
Game Innovation: LittleBigPlanet 2
Strategy: Total War: SHOGUN 2
Mobile & Handheld: Peggle HD
Game Award of 2011: Battlefield 3
Action: Batman: Arkham City
BAFTA Ones to Watch: Tick Tock Toys - Swallowtail
Online - Browser: Monstermind
Artistic Acievement: Rayman Origins
Special Award: Markus 'Notch' Persson
Sports/Fitness: Kinect Sports 2
Online – Multiplayer: Battlefield 3
Debut Game: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Family: LittleBigPlanet 2
Performer: Mark Hamill as the Joker, Batman: Arkham City
Best Game: Portal 2

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