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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good evening, people.

Yes, it's Riff, conjuring himself back with an unfortunate update. My estranged absence was due to a very sudden and shocking death in the family. My uncle was diagnosed with leukemia a short while back, but the cancer suddenly spread all over and he was gone too quick. There was a bunch of turmoil and unnecessary drama from all sides. I really don't want to go into too much detail, but things were not pretty and they probably  won't be fixed for some time. So, instead of trying to deal with everything all at once, I decided to step away until after the funeral, hoping that things would calm down, and they have for the moment.

Also, as I type this, I'm in Boston prepping for PAX East which is tomorrow morning. Things were getting so bad at home that I was considering ditching the trip at the last moment to play family referee, but thankfully that didn't happen. Plus, now I get to have a mental rest from the folks and return to my gaming ways.

Since this is PAX, I'm gonna do my dambdest (is that a word?) to play every single new demo that I can. I've got media access again, so I'll be able to hop some neat shit before anyone else. I brought my camera, so there'll be plenty of pics, and some video if I can squeeze it in.

So, tune back in next week, for PAX mania 2012!

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