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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a good one. I was able to spend some time with friends and family as well as enjoy more than my fair share of delicious food. Plus, this is one of the first Easters I can remember where there was green grass in almost everyone's lawn. Usually around this time of year there is still a foot of snow outside with no sign of it going away. It's been a weird couple months for weather, but I don't think there are too many people complaining about it. But, with good weather on the doorstep it means that I will be spending most of my time outside instead of in doors playing games. Doesn't mean I can't keep up to date with my video game news though!

What seemed like a bit of political smeering, an anonymous report went out that the Wii U has less processing power than both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Two anonymous game developers both made comments that the Wii U has trouble producing PS3 and Xbox 360 caliber graphics and it simply can't keep up with the current gen systems. And what does Nintendo have to say in response to this? "We do not focus on technology specs-" So, are you saying these comments are true or false? Some of the initial demos for the Wii U looked impressive, but so does a Pixar movie. The gameplay that I saw for the Wii U, though it looked really cool from a gaming stand point, the graphics weren't anything to write home about. That being said, the Wii isn't as powerful as the 360 or PS3 either, but you have to admit that there are some gorgeous games for it. I wonder if it is just a matter of the developers not understanding the technology from one console to the other. Almost every PS3/360 port that made it on to the Wii looks awful in comparison with their HD counterpart. If it is true and it is a problem that needs to be addressed, let's hope it's not too late for Nintendo to turn this ship around.

This week, BioWare announced that the DLC for Mass Effect 3 will be titled Extended Cut which should give you an idea that they are trying to make amends for the bitter taste that the ending for Mass Effect 3 left in gamers mouths (no homo). However, the more that has been revealed about it, the more it makes this gamer think that this won't make everyone happy. It sounds like the DLC will just extend some of the end scenes to give more closure to the game. The DLC will not add different choices to the game to change the outcome. The way it all ends is how it is and we're just going to have to learn to start liking it. No release date has been mentioned, but a summer release is likely and so far the DLC will be available for free, so at least there's that.

And a cool thing that caught my eye was the announcement of Double Dragon: Neon. This is a PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade title that will be available this summer. Basically this is a new game that looks to pay homage to the classic Double Dragon games and the game plans to do this using a distinct, 80s style. Everything from character names, costumes, colour palettes and music will have some sort of 80s inspiration. Being a child of the 80s and a fan of Double Dragon, I am really excited for this title even though there hasn't been much revealed about it. So I will apologize in advance for filling a lot of my future blogs with details about this game.

And to close, here are the tidbits from last week:
  • Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City's first round of DLC will be available April 10th, free of charge. The DLC will add a new Spec Ops mission.
  • Microsoft and Sony have blocked over 3,500 accounts of New York sex offenders to help protect kids online.
  • Square-Enix announced that Theatrythm Final Fantasy will be released on July 3rd and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance on July 31st, both for the 3DS.
  • Uncharted 3 will have new DLC on April 10th.
  • Sonic Creator Hirokazu Yasuhara Joins Nintendo. No news yet on what he's going to be doing.
  • And finally, check out this sweet Chrome Series controller for the 360:

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