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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

The NHL Playoffs started on Wednesday and since then I've spent most of my evenings in front of the TV. Okay, so it's not that different from how I was spending my time before the playoffs other than I'm not playing games any more. I tell ya, the games so far have been a ton of fun. Even a series that didn't look that exciting on paper has proven to be great to watch anyway. And because I am good at multi-tasking, I have been able to keep up to date on all things video game related during all of this hockey madness.

So Sony is in a bit of a panic. A notice went out to its investors that they will be looking at losses close to $6.4 billion at the end of this fiscal year. Not only is this a record for the company, but it will also mark the fourth year in a row that Sony has not turned a profit. In light of this, Sony has announced that they will be cutting 10,000 jobs and focus mostly on gaming.

It's funny to think that I have to remind myself that Sony used to be the go-to name in all electronics not that long ago. And now whenever I hear the name Sony, I only think of its gaming legacy. When I think about it, I don't have a single clue what Sony has done to innovate the Home Theater experience outside of Blu-Ray. And do Sony Stores even exist anymore? I remember always feeling like an outsider when I would wander in there to see if they had a game that the other guys didn't I would be standing in the game corner of the store while three or four Sony employees would be watching me and shooing me out of the place. I guess they did it to themselves by selling the same (and in some cases, worse) product for way more than their competition.

That's about it for that, so lets get to the tidbits from last week:
  • Resident Evil 6 has been bumped up to an October 2nd release. That's 41 days earlier than the original November 12th date. Cah-razy!
  • Speaking of RE6, the Platinum Edition of the game will include the game, 4 phone cases and a replica of the leather jacket Leon wears. It will set you back around $1300.
  • There is a new game called World Gone Sour based on the Sour Patch Kids candy. It's $5 and apparently not a complete waste of money.
  • Nintendo registered the domain Super Mario 4 last week. Not sure why....
  • A new Dragon Ball Z Kinect game will be coming out in October. The 1996 me would be so freaking happy about that!
  • Valve is looking to hire an Electronics Engineer. Oh, and it's NOT developing a console called the Steam Box. *slow wink*
  • Shigeru Miyamoto hinted at the possibility of seeing a new F-Zero title on the Wii U.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released for the 360 and PS3 in September.
  • Rumour has it that the Wii U will cost at least $300 at launch. As proven in the past, so long as the games are good people will buy anything.

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