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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Week in Video Games

I hope you guys appreciate that I am taking time away from watching NHL Playoff hockey to write this. I can still hear the game and it sounds like Phoenix is taking it to Nashville right now so I really want to get back to watching it! So I am going to fire through this week's post cause I'm cool like that!

Sony announced that they will be releasing Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale in the near future. It's basically a Super Smash Bros knock-off only with Sony characters. I posted a video that details a bit of the developmental history and it shows off some of the characters that will be in it. My first reaction was "Ha ha. What a rip off." and the more that I think about it the more I think this game won't fair very well. On paper it sounds cool to have characters like Kratos and Fat Princess fight each other, but after watching the video I couldn't help but think how lame it looked. Everything just looks so out of place int he game. I think the thing that made Smash Bros. work for me is that the characters "look" like they belong in the same world. I hardly ever play as Snake because I don't think that he fits in the Super Smash Bros. lineup. But everyone else just seemed to work. There have been a few attempts to making a Smash Bros. clone, but nothing has really worked as of yet. Maybe Sony will prove me wrong and this game will prove to be a Smash Bros. killer.

Nintendo announced that the Wii U will have access to full game releases online through their eShop. While a feature like this isn't entirely new, it is a pretty big step forward for Nintendo who, in my eyes, has been reluctant to join the other game developers in major game movements such as HD and an easy-to-use online platform. But then that leads to a question of storage. We haven't received any details about what will be available for internal storage, or if it will have the ability to expand with an external hard drive or SD Card. When the Wii was announced, the small internal storage was one of the cons when compared to it's competition. If we assume the new Wii U games will be larger than current Wii games, we could be looking at games that are in excess of 7gb a pop. So it would only make sense that the Wii U has something that can allow gamers to take advantage of this downloading feature right? Right?

Now I don't mean to rag on the Wii U because I am really looking forward to what it can do. The Wii hasn't let me down as a fan boy because I love the thing. The motion controls may have been improved in other consoles, but there was a gap of 4 years where the Wii was the only game in town with that technology. And from what I've seen of the Wii U, it looks like the other guys are going to have to come up with something radical to even come close to the innovation that Nintendo is bringing. I just watched this video on the new Rayman game and at the end it shows that the tablet controller has the ability to recognize objects and bring them into the game. I am sure it uses the same kind of technology from Activison's Skylanders game, but that adds so many possibilities to future titles. Things like that make me get a huge geek hard-on and I keep getting more and more excited for this year's E3.

Okay, the game has moved to intermission so I am gonna wrap this up with the tidbits:
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be release on Nov. 13, 2012
  • Nintendo reports a $530 million loss from the last fiscal year.
  • Dragon Quest X will be released in Japan on August 2nd
  • You can buy Marvel vs. Capcom 2 from the App Store now for only $3.
  • A level editor for Portal 2 will be released on May 8th

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