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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Official: God of War gets another prequel!

Yep, we're going back into Kratos's past with God of War: Ascension! Not too much is really known so far, other than the teaser trailer puts this game well before the events of the first prequel, PSP's Chains of Olympus. That's gonna mean a few things. First, Kratos isn't always gonna have the Blades of Chaos on him, since he didn't get them until he became best buds with Hades. Plus, the big white guy's probably not gonna be too white for a lot of the game. That's right, I predict flesh tones! Since Kratos didn't get his ashy skin until he killed his family, it would make sense to show the guy au natural for a change.

Okay, enough predictions for me. Here's the teaser trailer. Draw your own conclusions.

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