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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PAX East 2012: The Best of Show!

Okay kiddies, it's time to dissect PAX East, right straight to the gibblets! As the title suggests, this will be a sort-of awards deal, with the winners getting nothing. Sorry, we're poor. In the next few days, I'll go in depth with several of the companies that really impressed me, as well as show off a few pics as well.

Best Booth: 2K Games    Runner-up: Ubisoft

2K really wanted to show that they were more than the company publishing Bioshock: Infinite, and all their titles were given grand treatments. Borderlands 2 got the most build-up thanks to one hella layout and a photo-frenzy statue depicting the new main characters. Spec Ops: The Line got similar treatment, even if the game wasn't that spectacular. X-Com: Enemy Unknown and the new Civ V expansion each had their own little theaters to show off demo reels. Runner-up Ubisoft earns special points for their monolith-like Assassin's Creed III area and jungle-esque Farcry 3 booth.

Best Single Player Demo: Max Payne 3   Runner-up: Dragon's Dogma

Max Payne 3 may have been the only game Rockstar was showing off, but it was the right choice by far. All that gritty drama of Max blasting away baddies in bullet time came rushing back to me. Now I'm also gonna have the jingling of pain killers stuck in my head for weeks. Capcom did a good job of pimping out Dragon's Dogma by showcasing a level with a huge Chimaira boss.

Best Demo Video Tie: Assassin's Creed III and Aliens: Colonial Marines
Runner-up: X-Com Enemy Unknown

Demo videos may not be as exciting as playing the actual game, but they can give a player insight to a game's new mechanics. Assassin's Creed III did that remarkably with it's tree climbing, hookshot hanging, and avoiding being killed while hiding in the middle of a warfield. Aliens did the opposite and just let the demo play with all the insane blood and action tell the story itself. X-Com's vid gave a newbie to the series, like myself, a quick tutorial on how the game was originally played and how the new title will tighten things up.

Best Multiplayer: Aliens: Colonial Marines    Runner-up: Borderlands 2

Be either a Marine or an Alien. It's been done before, but never with this much polish and fun attached to it. It's almost like an apology letter for letting Alien Vs. Predator to exist. Borderlands 2 made me wish I had bought the original all that time ago. Of course I still can.......

Best Handheld Game: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

Handheld games were very few this year, with most space given to iOS and Android apps. However,  Nintendo did show off augmented reality heavy hitter Spirit Camera. Think early Silent Hill with AR added on. Turn and aim your camera by moving the 3DS around you. Oh, and watch creepy shit come put of an enclosed diary.

Best Downloadable Game: Sonic 4 Episode 2   Runner-up: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Sega rules the roost this time. The next Sonic episode is looking damn good. Tails is back, and now you can do special co-op moves with the little tyke. Either plow through snow or do Tail's trademark dive to catch you from falling. Virtua Fighter 5 is making a comeback itself with a beefed up edition, and I'm so glad to see it.

The Comeback Kids: Square Enix and Sega

For being down on their luck, both of these companies really pulled out all the strings to try to get back into the good graces of gamers. Both will get individual write-ups, but what a showing from both. Square themselves really came lout swinging, but there's a\reason why they didn't take any awards which I'll get into later.Sega as well.

Game of Show: Aliens: Colonial Marines   Runner-up: Assassin's Creed III

Some booths had multiplayer, while others had the demo reels. However, only one game had both, and both were equally awesome. The demo reel was full of action and suspense. The multiplayer was intense, and to sweeten the deal, we were put up against the original dev team! Fuck, they were good! The ACIII vid was chockfull of new stuff do in an AC game, and it just makes you wanna anticipate the bear future of the game.
Hey, there's always E3!

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