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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Riff with a site update!

Hey kiddies, it's Riff here on a late Monday/early Tuesday/mid Sunday if you got real drunk on Friday, and I thought it would be peachy keen to do a site update and let everyone know what's up behind the scenes. Now, let's take this topic by topic.

Good Old Gaming

Gaming reviews for the site have dropped by the wayside for a bit, and that's entirely on my shoulders. While a lot of the drama that seemed to encompass my life recently has passed, I ended up overcompensating how much real time I had for myself and loaded up on way too much games. As a quick excerpt, here's what I've been trying to get through:

The Witcher 2
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Mass Effect 3
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning
Resident Evil Revelations
Street Fighter X Tekken
Max Payne 3
Silent Hill Collection
Silent Hill Downpour
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Soul Calibur V
Xenoblade Chronicles
Max Payne 3

It's a good thing I don't have kids, because they'd be starving right about now.

Out of all of those Amalur and ME3 took up the most of my gaming time, thanks to their role playing-ness. I even had reviews started for both games, but got caught up in other games and overtime at work. More on the overtime later, as there's a good reason I've needed the extra cash. And NO, it's not because of the games. Remember, no kids.

So, to combat this, I'm gonna have to do some consolidation. I want to share my opinions, but to write a bunch of full reviews on all these games just isn't feasible given the time I don't have. So, I'm gonna give quick little quips in a new gaming column like I do for cd reviews, with really good games getting the full fleshed out reviews they truly deserve. Those Amalur and ME3 reviews really do deserve to be finished, as both games truly are excellent.

I also want to bring back the Youtube videos I did some time ago. The previous setup I had to work with was way cumbersome and just made editing a chore. Now I have a faster computer and some new extracting and editing tools, so we'll see if we can get a few up on Youtube in the next few months.

E3 and PAX Prime

E3 is two weeks away, and I'm getting more and more pumped for it with each passing day. I've already received my pass and my final walkabout for the show is taking shape. This year will be a real treat, as I was able to squeeze myself into a few of the press conferences the big boys hold. On the first day of festivities, I'll be attending the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony hearings! Too bad I got snubbed by EA, and Nintendo hasn't gotten back to me, but for 3 out of 5 as my first attempt at getting into these things, I'd say that's not too bad.

One negative about my E3 trip this year is that it's costing me quite a bit more than usual. Remember that overtime I mentioned? This is where it went. I had two things hit me hard. One was that the usual cheapo hotel I go to got booked way ahead of time, and I had to go to a much nicer place. Nicer ended up being way more expensive, but I figured my tax returns could cover it. That was the second hit: sucky tax returns. Sucky returns turned to overtime, overtime lead to lack of gaming and writing, and the circle of life is complete.

This leads us to PAX Prime. I couldn't go last year, but this year I'm making a go at it. I've already bought passes and reserved a hotel, but the hotel is another pricey one, and the passes were individual days, not the 3-day deal PAX usually offers. Damn things sold out way too fast. For the record, I always buy passes for PAX just in case media credentials fall through. If media is a-o-k, then I ask for a refund and claim my media badge at the show, no hustle no fuss. As for the hotel, I may have a solution. One of the guys at my day job has been wanting to do something for the site for awhile, and he always wanted to go to PAX, so I made this deal with him. If he wanted to be my cameraman for the event, then he can come along. He just has to pay his own airfare and split the room with me. Yeah, not cheap, but I'm not Mr. Moneybags here, so I could use the help. Ass, gas, or grass, no one rides for free. This is still providing I can get him a media pass. If not, then maybe those one-day passes can still come in handy.


Yes, we nee more metal on the site!! Not my bad this time, as there was just a lull of stuff happening. Now that the summer is approaching, all the big tours are coming through Detroit for a change of pace, so the E3-to-PAX break shouldn't be that boring. Plus, I've finally gotten around to listening to an asston of new releases, so expect some Thine Eardrums Erupting to cover a bunch of them in the coming weeks. I also want more interviews! Some ended up getting stalled in the process, while other potential interviewees dissapeared for a little bit. Now it looks like people are popping up again, so it's question time once again.

Well, that's all the updating I think is needed. Well, one more thing. While the site has it's own Twitter feed, I thought it was high time I got my own. So if anyone is interested, follow me @realevilnate as I attempt to take more of a liking to social media.

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