Games Meet Metal: E3 2012 Recap Part 2: The Winners and Losers from the show floor!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

E3 2012 Recap Part 2: The Winners and Losers from the show floor!

Alright, one more E3 post and we can put this silliness behind us until next year.

So, yesterday and today was spent mulling over a crapton of gameplay videos as well as reflecting on my own personal thoughts, and I think I have finally got s good bearing as to what was good and what was not so awesome. So, without do..

Best of Show TIE: Ubisoft and Konami

Some personal fanboyism is really showing through here, but the floor presentations by both companies caught most of my attention. Let's start with Ubisoft.

Another demo video was hosted for Assassin's Creed III, but this time we got the first ever screens of a recreated Boston during the Revolutionary War. One new aspect shown were passthroughs, open areas in buildings that you can use to break a pursuing guard's line of sight. Plus, there was more sea battling shown, which just makes me anticipate the game's release even more.

On the Konami front, they were showing probably the greatest amount of re-releases, but a few stood out. Zone of the Enders HD looks fantastic with the hi-def upgrade, so all you mech fighting fans will be very pleased. Plus, the collection will include a demo of Metal Gear Rising on-disc! That's pretty damn ironic, considering the first ZOE game had a demo for MGS 2 included with it.

There were no demo's of the console version of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, but it's 3DS cousin, Mirror of Fate didn't suffer the same, er, um, fate. It's another Metroidvania game, but the graphics got a 2.5D remake. Kind of reminds me of the remake that Rondo of Blood got with the PSP. The game brings back Trevor and Simon Belmont, as well as a few other unmentioned vampire killers, as they traverse Drac's home in different timelines.

Speaking of Metal Gear Rising, said demo was there to be played, and it was beautiful. I think I spent a little too much time with Raiden's  slice cutting mode, where you could snip your enemies into a million little bits. It truly is a sight to behold.

Comeback King: Capcom

After having  major disappointments with Dragon's Dogma and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom's gotten back on the rail with Resident Evil 6 and their Devil May Cry reboot. RE6 is looking fabulous. It's gonna have a mix of the action of later titles, with the mix of creepiness of the earlier titles thrown in. The DMC reboot is keeping a lot of the super-fast action and gunplay of it's predecessors, but the tone has gotten a lot darker. It also has broken loose of a lot of it's Japanese influences, ahs has adopted a more worldly feel, especially in music. Everything from Brit-pop to American metal will make the game more global.

Same as the Last: Square and Sega

While both companies had impressive booths, it just felt like they were treading the same water since PAX East. Both just about had the same presentations with a few tweaks here and there. From Square, Hitman and Quantum Conundrum got their own booth space, but Tomb Raider was nowhere to be seen. Cold feet, perhaps? On the Sega side, they were pushing Sonic's new racing game pretty hard. They also brought Aliens: Colonial Marines back, but it was close to the same demo as before. I believe they introduced a new  map and shotgun. I guess their is "don't fix what isn't broke", but some new stuff would of been nice.

Best of Show Game and Best presentation for a single Game: Halo 4

Gee, ya think Microsoft wanted Halo 4 to sell or something. The latest trek for Master Chief had a structure built that was right for a God. It took up about a good third of what Microsoft had for floor space They had a mock Warthog in front of the display for photo taking. Of course, they also had an actual showing of the game, as long as you were willing to brave the 3-hour wait. I did, and I am satisfied. Not only did we get live commentary of the single player level, but we got hands-on with the a new multiplayer level. Damn, those rifle sound effects are awesome!games shown

Biggest Loser, yet has the Most Potential: Nintendo

Why does Nintendo lose?

No 3ds games shown.\

Let me repeat that: NO 3DS GAMES SHOWN.

You'd think that the leader in handheld entertainment would be trotting the size of it's portable penis, but any 3DS games were show at 3rd party booths. Plus it's not like Nintendo doesn't have a ton of games coming out. Paper Mario, Luigi, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and more could of been demoed right there. But no, all of Nintendo's space went towards the WiiU and it's ridiculously huge number of tech demos. However, what I did see of the WiiU has got me really excited about the technology behind it. Having that second screen on the tablet controller is genius, and some of the uses on the show floor show some real promise. Too bad the initial game collection just doesn't have the oomph that a new system really needs.

And there ya have it! E3 is officially done for this year! now, let's start hoping that there will be an E3 next year, as construction of a new football stadium in Downtown L.A. threaten everything.

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