Games Meet Metal: E3 Recap Part One: The Conferences!!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

E3 Recap Part One: The Conferences!!

It's that time of year again kiddies, as E3 has descended down upon us like a harpy from hell, and we're gonna have to cut our way through it's underbelly to get to the good stuff. I forewent the usual recap methods this year, as I actually got to attend a few of the conferences in person. I tried Tweeting my heart out, but the Wi-Fi was really hit or miss anywhere I went, so I just had to wait until I had some time to sit and think it all through.

For the record, I got to attend the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony conferences. The fact that I even got into these deals is amazing, and I thank the PR people responsible for making it happen. The conferences themselves are held in decent size theaters where you would normally see higher tear metal bands play. These places could probably headline Lamb of God pretty easily. So it was like seeing a concert, expect it was all talking and trailers. It was also three in one day. Now I've done three shows in three days in my youth, but three in one day is a whole new record. It's even scarier to think that I'm gonna try to top it next year. Ah, the pains of ambition.

A quick piece of advice to any would-be E3 conference goer: get a hotel close to the LA Convention Center. I delayed and got a hotel so far out of the way that it didn't offer any shuttle rides. So I had to subway it. Problem here was that the nearest subway entrance was a mile from my hotel. So yeah, I lost a few pounds on Monday, but my feet and ankles were near death. Not good when you have to be on your feet for the next three days. So, a closer hotel means a shuttle lift and easier access to the subway. I hear booking a year in advance is a real good idea.

So, on to the conferences after the jump!!

Keep in mind this is just mainly game talking. Yeah, I know Internet Explorer is coming for Xbox and that Sony is making augmented reality pop-up books. I just don't really give a shit.


HALO 4!!!! HALO 4!!!! God damn that game looks fucking incredible!!! I really like the new animated style for the characters as well as that new gun. Forerunner tech? Why yes, thank you very much. Plus those new enemies look deadly as hell. Can't wait to start picking them off.

The new Splinter Cell looks real pretty, but I've never been a fan of the series. Plus, the game looks like a faster paced Gears of War to me, with more stabby action.

What's that about Gears of War? A new one? Aw, you shouldn't have. I'm all for Baird and Cole taking center stage, as they're the ones out of the original gang that had real personalities. Their banter should be  enjoyable. plus People Can Fly is developing, and they're the guys who made the super awesome Bulletstorm, so consider me sold.

Hey, a South Park game I'll actually buy that isn't a tower defense game. It's a freaking RPG!! Plus, Mr. Slave!!  Need I say more?

I'm gonna give COD: Black Ops 2 a chance. They say they're really concentrating on making the single player game actually matter, so I'll go ahead and give one last attempt. The first Black Ops was the last COD game I cared about, as MW3 sucked the meat missile with gusto.

Now here's where I would talk about EA's games, but they're conference really felt flat. Madden. Crysis 3. New Medal of Honor. More Battlefield. Well, whoopdie-shit. Series I couldn't give two craps about. I know a lot of people dig the Crysis stuff, but it feels so pedestrian to me.

Then there's Deep Space 3, and that's the only game I'll be trying at EA's booth. I like the new ice planet, as the whiteouts can be used for some real good scares.

Now, who gave Ubisoft the awesome sauce?  They certainly know how to use those new Wii U controllers. ZombiU looks like a great scarefest, with the screen on the controller used as a submenu and a scanner. Then there's the new Rayman, which looks beautifully hand drawn. Great to see some more 2D love from Ubisoft. Hell, even Farcry 3 is looking better, but that might of just been the onscreen boobies talking. Oh, and Watch Dogs? MORE PLEASE!!!

Of course, you can't talk about Ubisoft without bringing up Assassin's Creed 3, which is looking better each time they bring a build of the game to the public eye. I was most impressed with the sea battles. I always wanted a video game version of Master and Commander, and this may be the closest I get. Plus, a Vita Creed game is coming, and it's an original title, not just a port. If it holds up good, then it may be the game that makes me finally buy a Vita.

Speaking of Sony stuff....

Beyond: Two Souls holds a lot of promise, but without real game footage, I'll hold back for now on any excitement. Ellen Page certainly does look like Ellen Page in the game, but those were just cutscenes. Still, I have high hopes for Quantic Dream, since they did make Heavy Rain.

The Last of Us just became a buy for me. At first, I thought it was just gonna be another zombie romp, but that new trailer was simply the bees knees. No undead, just survival at it's most basic and visceral.

GOD OF WAR SINGLE PLAYER!! BLOOD!! GUTS!! ELEPHANT GUY!! Okay, so I'm a fanboy for the series, okay? There's just nothing I like better than a good old bloodbath in honor of the Gods.

Now, I would like to talk about all the awesome that Nintendo has coming, but the truth is that their conference was the biggest letdown. I know they want to push the Wii U like crazy, but something seems real off. Their main game for the new system is another 2D Mario game. Now Mario 2D is a good thing, especially on the 3DS. However, this is Nintendo's first ever Hi-Def console ever, and they should be coming out swinging. I love the tech of the system, but if your 3rd party companies are producing better looking games than you are, then there's a major problem. ZombiU is a great looking game, but it's Ubisoft's  Game, not Nintendo's. Plus all these ports of older games coming from the Xbox360 and PS3 is very unsettling.

And there ya have it! Part 2 will be game impressions from the show floor, but knowing me, it won't be out until Sunday. Got a lot to write!

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  1. I think good 3rd party games on a Nintendo system is a MUST since it's been a long time (SNES) since 3rd party developers could compete with the powerhouse that is Nintendo. Having said that, I still want Nintendo to crank out the hits, but so far I am not impressed with their WiiU lineup. I never tried Pikmin so I don't have much interest for it. So that leaves Wii Fit for my wife, Nintendo Land for the kids and another New Super Mario Bros for me. And the screens/vids just like the same old stuff, so why don't I just play my Wii for a little bit longer?