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Friday, June 1, 2012

Riff's E3 Checklist!!!

\\=\Oh gratuitous amounts of joy, it's almost here! Time to spend too much on a hotel room and stand in line for hours at a time. That's right, it's time for E3! This is my second year at the gaming mecca, and I'll be going a bit deeper into the journalistic side of things. I'll be attending several of the media briefings (Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony respectively) as well as getting alone time with some top tier titles (Capcom and Square gave me a bit of a hookup).

Now that most companies have released their line-ups for the show, let's run through the gauntlet and see what yours truly will try to play.

EA-In all honesty, I wasn't even expecting to stop by their booth, unless they had something Mass Effect related. Then, they go and announce a playable demo of Dead Space 3. Well played, EA. Now let's hope I'm not in line for forever.

Activision: It's all about Black Ops II here. It's unknown if they'll even have a build there, but they'll at least have hundreds of HD screens showing off the goods. This would also be a good time to blow the doors off of whatever Bungie's working on for them.

Konami: Holy crap! Did you see their pre-E3 briefing? These guys are bringing the thunder hard core! Metal Gear Rising, Zone of the Enders HD, and TWO NEW CASTLEVANIAS!!! That's a possible best-of-show line-up right there!

Capcom: The home of Mega Man has granted yours truly some personal access to Resident Evil 6 and the Devil May Cry reboot. I'm hoping the hype matches the game. Also wouldn't mind checking out Lost Planet 3 should the opportunity arise.

Ubisoft: No question that it's all about Assassin's Creed III. Dunno if they'll be showing single or multiplayer, but I'll take what I can get. A bit of Rayman would be good too.

Bethesda: Getting a peak at all the Elders Scroll stuff would be nice, but I expect the lines to be ridiculous for those. Instead, I may take a peak at their future assassination game Dishonored instead.

Sega: Looks like they're gonna have a similar booth compared to what they had at PAX East, so now would be a good time to try some of the games I missed from last time. Of course, I still wouldn't mind another shot at Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Square-Enix: The boys of Squeenix are giving me a full blown booth tour, complete with play time of the new Hitman and Tomb Raider games.

Microsoft: Halo 4, baby! Oh and a new Gears for War too.

Sony: Give me some God of War, please. Getting to check out their Smash Brothers ripoff would be nice. Well, maybe.

Nintendo: Wii U! Not every show you get to try a new system. Also, they should have a bevy of 3DSgames to try. Looking forward to some Luigi's Mansion 2 myself.

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