Games Meet Metal: July 2012

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lamb of God cancels North American Tour

Unfortunately the worst has happened. Lamb of God has announced today that they're North American tour (co-headlined with Dethklok and featuring Gojira) will be cancelled. The tour was set to start on August 1 in Seattle. Randy Blythe is still being held in a Czech Prison nd faces charges of Manslaughter for an incident that happened at a concert two years ago.

Here is the link to the official statement.


Monday, July 23, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays: Let's talk Mayhem Fest!!

Let's see..... my legs ache, my face is slightly sunburned, and I have bits of grass coming out of every orifice in my body. Yep, musta went to Mayhemfest yesterday! This year marks a return for me, as I skipped last year's kinda crappy line-up (Godsmack and Disturbed headlining? No thanks). Also, I decided to go the non-journalistic route after getting the pull-around from the PR company, so no snazzy pics were to be had. On the flipside, my t-shirt collection got a few new additions (Anthrax and Whitechapel respectively).

Speaking of Whitechapel, they put on a pretty good set, considering they didn't have shit for time to really play. The 30-minute set times of second stage bands rolled their hands on that one. Anthrax themselves headlined the second stage this year, and they too got a way too short of a set as well. It was nice hearing old classics like Indians and I Am The Law, but dammit, I wanted them to have more time!

The main stage was pretty star studded this year. As I Lay Dying opened it up, and did a best-of set along with a new song. Motorhead did their own best-of as well. Slayer varied things up, and dug up some majorly old stuff. Die By The Sword, Hell Awaits, Jesus Saves, and the Anti-Christ were highlights among the usual stuff like Raining Blood and War Ensemble. The greatest highlight of the night came during Slipknot's set, as they played Gray for the first time since touring for Iowa. It was an obvious tribute to fallen bassist Paul Gray, as he was heavily referenced through the night.

All in all, a pretty good show, but the second stage had a major derth in talent. Besides Whitechapel and Anthrax, there was craptastic stuff like Asking Alexandra and The Devil Wears Prada. That's just music I can't figure out as to why it's even popular.

In honor of the good stuff at the show, here's a selection of bleepy tunes from said artists.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Riff Concert Review: Maiden England!

Iron Maiden WSG Alice Cooper @ DTE Energy Ampitheatre  July 18, 2012

Sorry for the lack of stuff lately, as some off-screen drama came up and things had to be taken care of. However, it looks like things are gonna pick up real quick here at GMM, what with a bunch of shows coming in the next month, the summer gaming drought will end, and my excursion out to PAX Prime in late August. So, yeah, that's all happening.

In the meantime, let's look at what was bubbling Wednesday night.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

PAX Prime 2012 is a go!

When I first started Games Meet Metal, one of the big things I wanted to do was hit the big gaming conventions. While there were many to choose from, I limited myself to three: both versions of PAX and E3. Last year, I got to accomplish two thirds of that goal, and I got to attend PAX East and E3. Unfortunately, low cash reserves made it impossible to trek out to Seattle for my first PAX Prime. I still really regret not going last year, as they hosted Halo Fest and the Angry Video Game Nerd made an appearance.

This year, different story. My press pass has been approved, my hotel has been reserved, and I just need to pick the best red-eye flight and I'll finally be "hitting the cycle" of big gaming conventions. PAX Prime is really important as this'll be the last time a lot of companies get to showcase their games before the big push for the holidays begins, so most of the big companies should be coming out with guns blazing.

Oh, and another Halo Fest would be nice, too. Just saying.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays..... on Tuesday: Independence and Lots of Death

So, it's about 10pm Monday night, and I'm about to type up this very article. I've got pics ready to go and a few Youtube vids to decide over. A little blink if the eyes, and suddenly it's 3am, with the right side of my face now resembling the shape of my laptop's keyboard. Wow, these open to closes are really getting to me.

Anywho, onto the main meat of this here article. With it being Independence Day and all this week, everyone's in a "YAY AMERICA" mood. This includes Ubisoft, who just released details for their limited edition of Assassin's Creed III. Let me tell ya, this thing looks like a patriotic BEAST! Here's some pics of the main goodies you get: a belt buckle, an Assassin's themed colonial flag (!), and the requisite statue of Conner looking badass.

Not too shabby, eh? As a good little fanboy of this series, I will be most definitely be picking up this sucker on October 30th, along with the PS Vita game on the same day. And a PS Vita. I can hear my bank account grumbling already.

And so in celebration, enjoy some metal-themed Assassin's Creed bleepy music. As a bonus, I also put up Epic Meal Time's latest episode, which happens to be Assassin themed this week as well. Normally I wouldn't feature the guys at EMT (they tend be more hip hop and rap), there's something awfully metal about cooking bison meat over an open flame. Oh, and bacon.