Games Meet Metal: August 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays on Tuesday: Games At Last!

Another of Monday's excursions on Tuesday, but I have a good reason for it: I finally got some gaming going on! Yes, the summer lull has ended and it did so with a thud for myself. Four new games in the span of a week, and I'm as happy as a pig in shit! Here's the rundown:

Darksiders II: The big release of the week and one that a lot of people are liking. I thought it was going to be a lot more open world than the last game, but there's still some side questing to do here and there. The difficulty does seem to spike in various spots, but just come back a bit more beefed and your problem is solved.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: A game that probably won't get much time until Seattle next week. I did dick around with the first world, and even then the coin tally is just ridiculous. It's the perfect game for the greedy capitalist republican in your life.

Sleeping Dogs: I was gonna pass on Dogs for a bit, but a last minute decision to do a few trades brought the money I needed. Quick description: GTA in Hong Kong and with Kung Fu.

The Last Story: Haven't played this JRPG for the Wii just yet, as I wanna bang through the other two games first. I'm expecting some awesomeness, as it has old school Final Fantasy guys in the development team.

And now, a bleepy tribute to one of these. Since we did Darksiders already, how about Mario??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Riff Concert Review-The Kataklysm Iron Will Tour!

The Iron Will Tour Featuring Kataklysm, Origin, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Funeral Rose; Monday, August 13th @ Blondies, Detroit, Mi. (No Vital Remains)

No 8-bit Metal Mondays yesterday, but that's because I had a CONCERT EMERGENCY!!!! At the last minute, I heard about this killer line-up and I decided to rush to the venue. Plus, seeing metal on a Monday night makes it even more metal! I just feel sorry for all the hungover punks who have work Tuesday morning.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Win a weekend pass to PAX Prime 2012!!!

Every time I take a trip out to PAX, I register myself for a media pass. I also buy a regular pass, just in case something doesn't go through with the press pass sign-up. When I do get accepted for the press pass, I go ahead and get a refund on the regular. These things aren't cheap, and I could always use the extra scratch while on the road. Well, I did the same pattern for this year's PAX Prime, but my requests for a refund went unanswered after several attempts. Then, the passes you see above arrive in the mail, and I'm left pondering what to do. The PAX people kind of frown on resellers, and I'm with them on that one. Nobody should have to pay hundreds of dollars to go see Nickelback! Actually, if you're paying hundreds of dollars to see Nickelback, just go ahead. The more broke you are the better.

On the reverse, I can totally give them away, so that's what I'm gonna do! What I'm tossing away to you is what you see in the photo above: 3 one-day passes for PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle from August 31st to September 2nd. What is PAX? Why, it's one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world! From console to computer to tabletop, all facets of gaming are present and there for your perusal. Many of the big console and pc companies make PAX their home for the weekend. Sega, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Valve, Konami, Capcom, Square, Rockstar, Ubisoft, and many more have made PAX appearances in the past, and it's a safe bet that a few of those companies will have their latest builds for their next big games on hand.

For the record, this does not include entrance into any special parties or events, nor will it include a BYOB (bring your own computer) pass. You will not be in the Omegathon. You're also responsible for getting your butt to Seattle and your own lodging, as plane tickets and hotels are totally on you.

So, what do you have to do to enter? Just send an email to my mailbox,, saying you want in. Also put PAX PASS in the subject line, so I don't accidentally trash it. I'll put all the entries together, and on Friday, August 24th, I'll blindly pick one out of bowl or hat or whatever I choose to hold all the damn things. From there, we'll discuss how to get the passes to you. Overnight it? Meet at the show? Your pleasure.

One more thing: This is open to oversees metalheads as well as domestic.

All right everyone, good luck!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays On Tuesday: Changing the Schedule Around

Well, it looks like everything I planned just went up in smoke. First, the Lamb of God/Gojira/Dethklok tour got cancelled due to Randy Blythe's incarceration oversees. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm uber happy that the guy is free and is back home. It just stinks that a foreign law system, that STILL hasn't charged the man, has cost him several years worth of earnings and the cancellation of a potentially awesome tour. Another stake through the heart comes from my work schedule dicking me out of seeing the Summer Slaughter tour. It's an all-day jamboree, and I have to work over the first half. Sure, I could go and see the second half of the show, but I would of missed a ton of awesome bands by then.

On the bright side, a new show has been announced that I can go to. Gojira decided to do a few headlining dates in the U.S. in lieu of their big tour being cut, and one of the dates just happens to fall in my neck of the woods.... on the same day as Summer Slaughter! Well, I had to choose, and Gojira won out. Hell, the place they're playing is smaller than my basement, and with their growing popularity, they'll outgrow those places damn quick. So, might as well catch them now.

Of course, you know the drill now: 8-BIT BLEEPY GOJIRA!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Randy Blythe Freed!

At long last Randy Blythe has been released from Czech prison and allowed to return home. This is a tremendous day for him and his family! I hope that he is edging closer to the end of his legal dispute and that he can put this past him sooner rather than later.