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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays On Tuesday: Changing the Schedule Around

Well, it looks like everything I planned just went up in smoke. First, the Lamb of God/Gojira/Dethklok tour got cancelled due to Randy Blythe's incarceration oversees. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm uber happy that the guy is free and is back home. It just stinks that a foreign law system, that STILL hasn't charged the man, has cost him several years worth of earnings and the cancellation of a potentially awesome tour. Another stake through the heart comes from my work schedule dicking me out of seeing the Summer Slaughter tour. It's an all-day jamboree, and I have to work over the first half. Sure, I could go and see the second half of the show, but I would of missed a ton of awesome bands by then.

On the bright side, a new show has been announced that I can go to. Gojira decided to do a few headlining dates in the U.S. in lieu of their big tour being cut, and one of the dates just happens to fall in my neck of the woods.... on the same day as Summer Slaughter! Well, I had to choose, and Gojira won out. Hell, the place they're playing is smaller than my basement, and with their growing popularity, they'll outgrow those places damn quick. So, might as well catch them now.

Of course, you know the drill now: 8-BIT BLEEPY GOJIRA!!

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