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Monday, October 8, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays: Hatebreed In The D

See? Look. Back on schedule.

So, Hatebreed is coming to the shithole that is Harpo's on the bad side of Detroit and I'll be hauling my oversized pale ass over there to enjoy in the festivities. It's actually been quite awhile since I've seen the Connecticut hardcore legends. Last time was when they filmed their "Live Dominance" DVD at the same place. Back when my memory wasn't such a broken and shattered shell of itself and I could count the number times I'd seen bands play, Hatebreed ranked at the top of the list as "most seen." Kinda weird to think, but then I remembered that Hatebreed pretty much will travel with any heavy band period.

The lineup for the show is pretty sound as well. We have Whitechapel, which is great since I've had a man crush on the band because their latest album is tits. Then there's All Shall Perish, another band that I haven't seen in ages. Me thinks that will require a t-shirt purchase on my part. Then there's Deez Nuts who, um, erm...... Okay, I don't know jack shit about these guys.  Well, if they suck, I can at least go potties.

Oh boy, it's bleepy time again! Enjoy some Hatebreed, Whitechapel, and All Shall Perish!

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