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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8-Bit Metal Mondays: Yet Another Show On The Horizon

Okay, it's a day late. Blame Dishonored. The stealthy steampunk game is a lot more fun than I thought it was gonna be. Is it worthy of all the slobberingly praise it's been given? I don't think so, but it does have it's awesome parts.

So, the next show on the horizon this week is this Saturday, as Shadows Fall comes through on their first headlining trek in forever. That's awesome, because even though their star power may have diminished thanks to a shitty major label deal, the band can still write great songs and bring the awesome live. They'll be bringing with them God Forbid, another act that's been forever since I've seen them live. Those guys had such a great metal groove in their music. Plus this will be the first time I see the guys with their new guitarist.
We'll al so be getting Thy Will Be Done, a band that's had a bunch of good tunes, but has evaded my live show eye to date. Then there's Trumpet The Harlot, whom I have yet to hear. However, judging by their name alone, which itself sounds like a line you'd hear in a God Of War game, I'm expecting good things.

And now, time for the bleepy! Here's some Shadows Fall and God Forbid for ya.

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