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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Concert Round-Up

Sorry for no 8-bit Metal Monday, but some jerk made me spill soup on my laptop's keyboard, thus making me have a minor emergency. Now it works, except I can't use the Shift key. So expect a major lack of question and exclamation marks. Oh, and typing in caps while turning the Caps Lock key on and off again is just such a joy.

I haven't had that much luck with shows lately. There just always seems to be too many issues or problems happening at the venues.  The main reason would be that a lot of the older Detroit venues are really starting to show their age, and in turn, are continually having to deal with faulty equipment. In turn, this is starting to affect attendance at certain venues, namely Harpo's.  If you've been reading for a while, then you know my hatred for Harpo's. I really hate going there, but the bands that  I love continue to perform there, so thus I continue to go. However, the last couple of shows I've gone to ought to tell bands that an alternative choice may be a better solution.

 The first show was a great line-up with Hatebreed, Whitechapel, and All  Shall Perish. All the bands performed well enough, but the in-house PA kept failing, so all the bands ended up playing way shorter sets than usual. ASP themselves only got about five songs, while Whitechapel only got about eight. Hatebreed felt like they had a full set, but they can fit in twenty songs easy thanks to their rather short run time. Still, the crowd was out of there before midnight, which is super rare for  Harpo's.

The next show was with Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Thy Will Be Done, and Trumpet The Harlot. Well, all the local bands that usually open up a show there heard of the PA problems and bailed on the show, as the concert was reduced  by two hours. I had no idea and arrived well after Trumpet and Will had already finished their sets. Oh, I was pissed. Still, I stayed for the rest of the show, and both headliners did a real good job. Just wish I knew ahead of time what was going on.

In total contrast, I went to see the Deftones just yesterday at the much more modern Royal Oak Music Theater, and they were absolutely awesome. No PA issues, no weird start and stop times. Just a good hard show with the proper equipment to get them through.

Well, that's all the shows I've been to. In the next month are some major shows, and I hope to squeeze some interviews out of them, so stay tuned.

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