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Thursday, October 18, 2012

PAX Prime 2012 Photo Blog!

Finally, here it is! My first Pax Prime was a learning experience for sure (next time, get a hotel that you don't have to go UPHILL to get to!) and super fun. Especially Saturday. More on that later. First, some of the sights.

On the first day of the show, I visited Sony's booth to hit one of the most anticipated games there: the frst true public showing of gameplay from The Last Of Us. The inside of the booth was really decked out in a rotten apartment scene. Check the polyethylene corpses. 

And the nasty ass fake toilet. Sad truth: I've seen real apartments like this with real people calling it home. The corpses were optional.

A couple blocks down from the hall was a special Assassin's Creed III setup doubling as a restaurant. Food and drink were free, so it was great for a quick lunch.

My grub was a spicy pulled pork sammich with fancy cheese and some spicy  cole slaw. The sammy was great, but I should of gotten the sweet slaw.

Later that evening, I attended a special event put together by Square Enix. It was in honor of Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary, and they had rented out a hall to showcase the entire series on old and new consoles. The highlight was seeing some of the Japanese versions of FF running on an old ass Famicom system

The second day of the show might as well been called Konami day, as they were doing their own celebration with Metal Gear's 25th birthday. The day started off with a special presser that hosted a bunch of Konami titles off-site. Metal Gear Rising, Castlevania LoS for the 3DS, and the Zone of the Enders remake were there to sample at our pleasure. A few hours later, I went to the Paramount Theatre and watched the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary panel with Hideo Kojima himself. He talked about the original title as well as showed the very first video footage of the next Metal Gear game, Ground Zeroes.

Later that night, Konami rented out the entire top floor of the Hard Rock Seattle and threw a 25th birthday party for Metal Gear. Games and free booze were abundant.

Later in the evening, Hideo Kojima himself popped up, and I was within spitting distance of him and special guest Cliff Bleszinski.

Ah, my stomping grounds for several days. The Washington Convention and Trade Center. Good place, but getting around can be a bit confusing. It stretches over two buildings and you can lose your direction pretty damn quick. I hear a remodeling is coming soon. Good, because the show needs the space.

Now I leave you with a bunch of photos from the various exhibits throughout the show. Enjoy!

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