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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So, what has Riff been up to all this time?

Now THAT'S a damn fine question! Let's delve in to the recent past and see what's been going on.


Since I was budgeting for the Seattle trip to PAX Prime, my show count has been pretty small. I was able to hit a couple local gigs, and both were great. The first was the Gojira show I was so hyped about. The Frenchmen put on as awesome of a show as everyone and their mother has claimed to do. I think the intimacy of it helped a lot, as the tiny place they played in couldn't hold no more maybe 150 people at best. Believe me, we were squeezed in there pretty damn tight. A real treat was catching their support band, Car Bomb, for the first time. Really great heavy tech prog that prompted me to buying a cd of theirs on the spot.

The other show was Down along with a couple of bands from Phil Anselmo's record label: Warbeast and haarp. haarp Were a great New Orleans band that know how to do sludge metal justice. Not for people who like their blast beasts furious and often. That's what Warbeast was there for. These guys were a total throwback to 80's thrash metal, and aren't afraid to wear the studded metal leather jackets to prove it. Down were amazing as always. Phil was funny and sung great, Pepper and Kirk played great blistering solos, Bower's drumming was elected, and new bassist Pat Bruders brought an awesome bass tone with him.


My play time has centered around a bunch of different stuff: Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands 1 and 2, Darksiders 2, Resident Evil 6, and The Walking Dead. In the coming weeks, I'll be adding the Doom 3 HD redo, Dishonored, Zone of the Enders HD redo, WWE 13 and a whole lot of Assassin's Creed III. That's not including whatever DLC and other dowloadable titles cross my way. I'm pretty sure the HD redo of Okami is creeping up real soon, and to hell if I'm passing it up!


This is one area where I have sorely fallen behind. I've been doing both downloading promo stuff as well as buying cd's at shows, and I'm just flooded with stuff to listen to. Meshuggah, Shadows Fall, Origin, Kataklysm, Between The Buried And Me, Car Bomb, and I'm damn sure gonna get All Shall Perish's newest when I see them tomorrow. So, yeah, I need some catch up time on evil music STAT!


At long last, the trip to Seattle. Let me just say that Seattle has the snazziest subway/L train I've seen yet. Sure beats Boston's screachy as hell subway system.

Pax Prime was a lot of fun, but it was also a bit disappointing. This was the first time I had hit the cycle of big gaming conventions (Pax East, E3, Pax Prime), and the game companies hadn't really changed their lineup all that much. Square was still showing Hitman and Tomb Raider, Sega still had Aliens, Capcom still was screaming about Resident Evil 6, and so on. Not that I blame the companies for doing so, as this was the last time that a lot of them would be able to show off their stuff to the public before the big holiday push. It was just getting a little repetitive playing slightly improved builds of the same games over and over again.

Not to say that there wasn't new stuff to try out. Sony had the first public controlled demo of The Last Of Us, as well as a playable demo of God of War's single player campaign. Bethesda let the public get their mits on Doom 3 and Dishonored. Nintendo screamed the Wii U, as their entire area was devoted to hyping the new system. Capcom debuted the first demo of the Devil May Cry remake, and it was surprisingly excellent!
The one company to make a real stamp on the show was Konami, as they hosted a special presser, a Q&A with Hideo Kojima as they introduced the next Metal Gear Solid game, and an invite-only party which I got to attend.

I'll go into more detail on PAX Prime,as I ended up snapping a shit tom of pix, so expect a picto-blog sometime on Saturday.

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