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Monday, November 19, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays: Playstation Plus is TEH WINZ!!

I've been a subscriber of Playstation Plus since it was first released unto the public, and I have really gotten my money's worth. Foe those still not in the know, you cough up $50 a year, and Sony let's you download an ever changing list of free games. These aren't skimpy titles either. Infamous 2, Resident Evil 5, Just Cause 2, Little Big Planet, and slew of others have been in the free game list. At it's heart it's just a glorified rental system, the ability to download and keep the games is an advantage that not even Gamefly can top.

Sony, about to sweeten the deal and start offering the service on the Vita tomorrow, November 20th. I had already heard about Plus making it's way to the handheld before I got my own version of the hardware, so I held off on getting any additional games, and my cheap ass just scored hardcore. Plus will be releasing six free games on the Vita, and I'll be snagging three of them. Uncharted: The Golden Abyss and Gravity Shift are probably the system's two best known games, and Sony's just giving them away. That's like $80 in software alone. Then there's also the Final Fantasy Tactics remake, a game I had to give up since the PSP discs wouldn't work in the Vita. Another download, for sure.

So, to celebrate my personal victory of cheapness, here's some metalized bleepiness.

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