Games Meet Metal: New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer = Joygasm!!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer = Joygasm!!!

I really enjoyed GTA IV's super gritty storyline and awesome city spread, but it's attempts at humor mainly fell flat. Remember your "cu-zeen" always calling you ingame and asking you to go out to the bar? Remember how that ended being remotely fun by the 100th time he begged you? Yeesh, no wonder the guy didn't have any friends outside his family. Needy little shit.

Well, it looks like the grittiness has taken a backside to a more jovial story about crime in GTA V. The newest trailer has a ton of funny lines between major and minor characters, as well as a ton of action movie-worth scenes. Would of liked to have seen some actual gameplay, but that'll come eventually. In the meantime, spy the trailer and await the goodness.

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