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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Riff's Most Anticipated Crap of 2013!

So, I get all the time in the world, and I go and get sick. Life loves me.

In my time of pestilence, I decided to start and type up my Spike Gaming Awards Show recap, but I just wasn't digging how the article was coming out. Then I realized what I really wanted to do was what I was looking forward to next year, since the awards show had the usual super special reveal trailers revealing all the goodies gaming had coming in the near future. So that's what you're going to be reading instead.

On a side note, the Spike awards show was actually very watchable this year. Having Samuel Jackson dropping f-bombs definitely helps with the entertainment factor, and the awards presentations were actually half way classy. Too bad only a few awards were actually handed out. I guess Linkin Park needed all that  precious time. Plus, they dropped that lame "augmented reality" crap that they had going for a few years. A definite improvement, and let's hope they keep the momentum for next year's show.

First, let's do some future metal releases.

Killswitch Engage: They became famous with the one-two punch with albums Alive or Just Breathing and The End of Heartache, with two different lead singers to boot. Then Howard Jones lost his passion, and the band released two not-so-good albums, which lead to Howard leaving the band on good terms. So, what dot hey do? They pull a Van Halen and bring back original lead singer Jesse Leach to recapture some of what made them the shit in the first place. Maybe I'm more excited just to see Leach perform, but I have good feelings that this album will bring the band back from their duldrums.

Black Sabbath: Everyone knows the story here, so no reason to bore you again. While it'll be Sabbath sans Bill Ward, I'm still interested if Ozzy, Iommi, and Butler can still pull of some magic. Or maybe it'll be a fabulous trainwreck. Either way, at least we'll be entertained.

Alice In Chains: Speaking of comebacks that could of seriously fucked up, AIC proved all the doubters were wrong and recaptured their former glory while blazing a new path at the same time. This will be the second album for new lead singer William DuVall, and by now I'd say all the butterflies have left and we'll get another classic album.

King Diamond: After taking a much-needed rest after triple bypass heart surgery, the devil's favorite falsetto singer is ready to make his comeback. What I'm really hopeful for is a Mercyful Fate reunion. Guess that depends on how the King's next album goes and if his health can hold for a full touring schedule.

Tool: Maybe? Who knows with these guys. The band themselves have stated that the next album is half done, but that other half could take them another three years! C'mon guys. Quit working on movies or other music projects or making wine and just finish the silly thing.

Now, let's switch gears and do some gaming.

Xbox 720/Playstation 4: Let's face it, they're coming. Nintendo doesn't usually lead the pack with new consoles, but they did with the Wii U. Now everyone and their second aunt twice removed is predicting that Microsoft and Sony will unveil their new consoles at next year's E3. While that's a safe bet, I'm torn as to whether the consoles will actually make it out before the end of the 2013 Christmas season. Post Christmas business has shown to have great success to game publishers. Maybe we can test the waters and see if new consoles can survive in the same way.

Grand Theft Auto V: A return to the series's most favored land, three separate campaigns, and hopefully lessons learned from the previous game's mistakes. I've said it before, but if I get a phone call in-game from my "kuzeen" wanting to get drunk, the game will immediately become a coaster.

Aliens: Colonial Marines: I'm super excited to play this game, but a lot of others have a lot of skepticism over it. Maybe because the Aliens themselves have become played out thanks to Hollywood? Who knows. I'll lay money that this'll be like Kingdom of Amalur became: a cult fave that will also help rebuild the creepy Alien mythos.

Bioshock Infinite: One of the few big games I still have yet to sample, and I'll probably get my chance at the next PAX. Of course, that's like three days before the game gets released, but that's how it rolls. So all the exposure I've had has been through all those gorgeous trailers they keep teasing us with. I just watched that one vid with the first five minutes of gameplay, and I'm hooked.

God of War: Ascension: Now we have a game where I've had extensive play time with both the multiplayer and solo campaign portions, and I really dig both so far. You'd think that GOD would make a crappy multiplayer game, but this has real promise. Of course, you still want to raise all hell with Kratos, and you'll be doing plenty of that as well. Him opening up that elephant man's head and letting his brains just ooze out always gets me.

Castlevania: The Spike Awards showed off the trailer for Lords of Shadow 2, and it looks amazing. Plus, it'll be the first time in the series's history where you actually play as Dracula. What the trailer didn't say was that the 3DS was getting it own Castlevania game, in which we delve back into the Belmont line and see how Dracula's human family cope with the curse. The real treat here is that we'll be revisiting some of the most popular characters from the old games and given new life. Both Trevor and Simon Belmont will return, and there's also a damn good chance Alucard will pop up as well.

And there ya go. Satan knows there's still a ton more stuff out there to get excited about, but everyone's miles will vary. Still it's not a bad year when two new systems may come out and the very first metal band ever will release new material. Yep, 2013 is gonna be nothing if not interesting.

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