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Monday, January 7, 2013

8-bit Metal Monday: Hatebreed and Hella Heat

Awesome. Middle of winter, and we have no heat. We're not ice cubes yet, but trying to sleep tonight is gonna be an adventure.

So, Hatebreed have finally gotten around to writing new tunes, and one of those songs just popped up in video form. The new tune is called "Put It To The Torch", and it sure does love fire. Lots of fire. Plus, hot flame dancers. Good combination says I. Extra points to the main actor who gets points in the Bruce Campbell Acting School for getting into a fight with himself, sans sawing his own hand off.

Below is the clip itself, and it's off the new album The Divinity of Purpose, which pops up on January 29th. Enjoy the just over 2 minutes of brutality, along with some hard core bleepiness.

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