Games Meet Metal: 8-Bit Metal Mondays-Devil May Cry Be Rollin', They Hatin'

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Monday, January 14, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays-Devil May Cry Be Rollin', They Hatin'

   Tomorrow morning, I 'll be visiting the store that goes through the process of the stoppage of games and picking me up my first game of the new year. That new piece of software is the Devil May Cry reboot, the game that left the strongest impression after trying it at PAX Prime. I've been hyping myself up for the release by buying the HD release of the older games as well as replaying the demo on my 360. Funny, as how I didn't really dig the DMC franchise for the longest time. I thought it was too flashy and had no substance. Then part 4 came out and I promptly shut the hell up.

   One of the funnier stories about DMC's reboot is all the older fans going into hissy fits over the change in combat and , more importantly, Dante's new look. Honestly, I haven't heard this much bitching since Metallica cut their hair and released Load, an album I actually quite like. I'm hoping history repeats itself and I end up liking the reboot, and if the advance reviews are any sign, then I shall enjoy it immensely.

And now, it's the part you all know. Time for something bleepy to go along with the presented topic.

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