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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays on Tuesdays-Soundgarden!!!!

Oopsies, forgot about this little nugget yesterday, but I was tied up in a bunch of things. The biggie was figuring out my tax return. My yearly motto is,"If the government owes you money, then don't just sit on it, GET THAT SHIT!!!" Plus, I itemize the hell out of everything. If it's deductible, it's going on a schedule somewhere. This year's moolah is going straight to a Wii U, a 3DS XL, plane flights to PAX and E3, and new pants. Can't do none of that stuff without nice pants.

I also needed a good chunk of yesterday to recover from Sunday night, as the reunited Soundgarden played Detroit and I got to see them. God damn, did they KILL IT!!!! The guys played a near perfect set. I would of put in Black Hole Sun over Blow Up The Outside World, but that's about the only real negative out of the whole show. We got Outshined, Rusty Cage, Spoonman, Black Hole Sun, and a ton of other hits. Even their new stuff went over well. My one pick, Jesus Christ Pose, ended up being second one in, so my night was awesome.

Also: Chris Cornell just refuses to age. Ever.

You know the drill now, so let's do some bleepy Soundgarden.

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