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Monday, January 21, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays-Skyrim DLC For All!!!!

     When Skyrim first came out over a year ago, for some reason beyond my understanding, I picked up the PS3 version. I don't know what part of my brain decided to go all rogue retard on me, but the PS3 version had a gazillion bugs running around in it. One particular nasty bug left me with a blocked questline. Oh well, that town can just live with it's fucking curse! Even worse, all the DLC that was coming out for the game wasn't working well with the PS3 for some undisclosed reason. So, 360 owners got to enjoy killing vampire hoards, building their dream fantasy setting house, and hunting down the first Dragonborn.

     Well, no more, says Bethesda. Not only is the game getting patched, but all of the DLC that was previously released will finally see light on the PS3. Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard will all be available in February on the PSN to drain our wallets. At least we won't be as broke as 360 users, as PS3 users will a one week sale of the whole set for half off. Whether they'll go further and offer an even better bundle sale is still in question, but at least the content will finally be available.

Now on to something related and bleepy, but a bit more on the heavy side.

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