Games Meet Metal: Holy Shit! Rob Caggiano Leaves Anthrax!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Holy Shit! Rob Caggiano Leaves Anthrax!

Well, this is pretty fucking sudden. Rob Caggiano, Anthrax's lead guitarist for many years (sans one reunion tour), has left the band. Now, there's no bad blood here. Both sides have already issued statements declaring so, and I'd say it's pretty legit. Rob did give his reason for leaving, and it's that he wants to return to the producer's chair. As well as being a damn fine guitarist, Rob is a whiz behind the board. Go ahead and do a search on his work and you'll be pretty impressed. Plus, even though he didn't say so, I wouldn't doubt that he's getting tired of road life. Dude ain't getting any younger, but he is fortunate to have multiple skills in the music industry. One of those skills just happen to keep him away from smelly tour buses.

Now we get to play "who's up next." Most eyes are looking towards Dan Spitz, Anthrax's original guitarist. The reason is that the band will be performing the entire Among the Living album next tour, so why not have all the original guys do it, ya know? The problem here is that Dan is rather known to be a bit of a douche and his attitude was one of the reasons the first reunion didn't really work out.

Other than that, I ain't got shit for ideas as to who could be the next guy. Any ideas from the peanut gallery?

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