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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Final Fantasy? Meh. New Dragon Quest remake? MMMM!!!!!

Greetings one and all to 2013!! I hope everyone had a safe New Years celebration. If things didn't go the way you planned, then I hope your bail wasn't that high, and that the judge goes easy on ya.

So admist all the hub bub and whatsit that I've been going through, I totally missed on two new games coming out from good old Square Enix. Well, I already knew that a new Final Fantasy was coming out, the third chronicle of Lightning's adventures, but I completely whiffed on the debut trailer. While the idea of time travel is kept, this time it'll be a thirteen-day loop ala Zelda: Mask of Majora. While I thought that FFXIII-2 was a much improved sequel, it still wasn't interesting enough to complete. I still have the game sitting on my shelf, begging to be played. I'm worried that XIII-3(Oh, sorry, it' called Lightning Returns. C'mon Sqeeninx, get your numbering system right!) will end up suffering the same fate. It kind of makes me wish they would end this silliness, finish up their mess with FF XIV, and just make a good game out of part XV.

The other game was a remake of Dragon Quest VII, the only game of the series to come out on the original Playstation. The original release was a super epic quest, but was considered graphically inferior to contemporary game of the time. The remake will be getting the much needed graphics overhaul and will also be popping up on the Nintendo 3DS.

 Ironically enough, I also didn't beat DQ VII, but it wasn't because of shitty gameplay. It was because the game is ungodly long! I believe there were totals of around 70-80 hours just to beat the game. I'm actually quite nervous to think what it would be with sidequests included.

The game itself doesn't have a U.S. release date yet, but considering all the DS remakes made these shores, I'll bet good money this one will too.

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