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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nintendo Can Still Make Me Feel Happy

Nintendo was really scaring me. With my impending purchase of a Wii U looming ever closer, I was beginning to already question what lay in store for the future. Then early yesterday morning, my fears were put at ease thanks to the above video. Mr. Iwata delivers the majority of a shit ton of new Wii U info, in the best nervously spoken English this side of Tokyo.

One of the real big points for myself were the inclusion of a lot of JRPG's, a genre I've been revisiting as of late. First there was a new title from Monolith Soft, the same guys who got big props for Xenoblade Chronicles. If the logo for the game is any hint, I'd bet that it's a sequel to Xenoblade. Then there's the "how in the fucking hell are these gonna work together" mashup of the Shin Megami Tensai and Fire Emblem series. I personally don't have any experience with either series, other than they're a dungeon crawler and a strategy RPG respectively, so this mashup may be worth a looksee.

The really big news near the end of the vid is that the big N is working on two different Zelda games. One is gonna be built from the ground up, and it's promised that it's gonna challenge how Zelda games are usually made. The second is a full HD remake of The Wind Waker, the cell-shaded Gamecude game that divided Zelda fans. Other features are going to be added to the game, like being able to play it on the Wii U controller's screen separate from the system. We'll be hearing about both come this year's E3.

So there ya go, Wii U owners, you'll soon be emptying your pockets for more Nintendo stuff in the near future.  And to think they have a 3DS video to go.

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