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Friday, January 11, 2013

Now Presenting..... The Game Chasers

Back when I had a job and not having to rely on unemployment, my work had a bunch of tv's set up in the lunch area. When it was my shift, I was generally watching Storage Wars. Never mind the fact that the show's about as fake as Snooki's intelligence. I was just hooked on what hokey shit these people wound up finding inside these aging lockers. Then I wondered if there was a way to adapt that to video games. Seeing as how vintage game collecting is at an all time high right now, a show on finding the rarest of the rare could have some appeal. One problem: how would you make it entertaining?

Answer: go to Texas.

Meet the Game Chasers, Billy Gamechaser and Shady Jay. Residing around the Dallas FT. Worth area, these guys have made it a mission to hit every pawn shop, flea market, swap meet, and antique shop in creation to help build their retro collections as well as help save a good chunk of cultural history. All while trying to pay bottom dollar.

Now, the game collecting is only part of the show. The real draw is how Jay and Billy interact with each other and the occasional guest chaser. These guys are their own comedy team, and the internet is their stage. Some of their best stuff happens when one of the guys comes across something that's legitimately rare. Take the above video for example. Near the end, Billy finds one of the rarest NES games ever made by chance, and Jay's reaction is priceless.

Of course, that's just one example.  The Game Chasers have over 20 episodes on Youtube awaiting your perusal, along with a new series they started called That's The Way Game Playing Go. I suggest you start watching a bunch with the links below. There's a good chance you'll end up losing several hours of your life watching them like I did.

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