Games Meet Metal: May 2013

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Friday, May 31, 2013


And about damn time too! It's been too long since the world experienced some proper Polish damnation. Their new album is ready to go, and it is called THE SATANIST!!!! Knowing the band and their lyrics, the title seems a little too obvious. That's like if the Beatles ever got back together and titled their reunion album, "Two Of Us Are Dead." You know, just slightly too on the nose.

So, if Behemoth is about to release a new album, that means Nergel must still be in good health, and that he has truly kicked cancer in the man nuts for good. Great news all around. This also means that they're shouldn't be much in the way of health issues when Behemoth play the Mayhem Fest this year, which I hope to attend.

Then there's bad news: THE SATANIST won't be out until the fall. Aw, poo sticks. I guess all sacrificial altars awaiting the blood of virgins will just have to wait until then.

Monday, May 27, 2013

8-bit Metal Mondays: Happy Memorial Day!!!

Enjoy the day off, and give a thought to the troops out there. As for those outside the U.S., enjoy your morning coffee or tea before you go to work as you read this.

The end of next week starts a pretty big double header for the site. First, on Friday, June 7th, will be the return of Baroness to Detroit after their awful bus crash last year. They've replaced their entire rhythm section and are looking to getting back into their old groove. The show itself is actually being pimped by the Orion fest as a pre-show, so attendance will probably be pretty good. I'm also trying to secure an interview with lead singer John Baizley, so we'll see how that goes.

The day after Baroness, the Orion fest starts proper, with two full days of an eclectic mix again. I was able to obtain a media pass for the event, so I'll be getting to do a few interviews there too. Oh, and Metallica as well. The festival itself has a lot more activities there than I originally thought. As a taste, here's a map of the area.

Then, after Orion, I fly out to Los Angeles for E3. The unfortunate thing here is that I'll have to miss attending the actual press events in person, as there's just not enough time. I won't even be able to watch Sony's show, as I'll be in the air at that time. Unless we have wi-fi on the plane (which I doubt), then I'll be playing catch-up after I land. Even then, I might just get an early sleep, as E3 is gonna be hella busy this year.

Well, that's all the current plans so far. It's now time for bleepy stuff. We'll do Dillinger Escape Plan, since they're playing at Orion this year.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xbox One: The Hard Reality

I was really excited about Tuesday. The debut of a new system is a big day for any gamer, and I was prepared to enjoy Microsoft's press conference for their new moneygrabber. I made sure I had nothing to do, and I warmed up some fancy ramen noodles. You know, cheapo gamer food. Then, I settled into my comfy chair and waited to hear the awesome news.

An hour later, I was wondering if the intended idea was for me to run out and put a deposit on this new machine ASAP. Let me tell ya, after that dull-ass intro, I sure wasn't excited about parting with my cash for a second. Then came all the after-show drama, and that's where all the comedy started.

Now that a day has passed, and we have as much info as possible, let's look over the carcass we've been given.

Monday, May 20, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays: THE RETURN!!!!!

Hello gang. It's been a few months since the site was active, thanks to a few things in my personal life going haywire. Instead of doing a long, drawn out thesis, we'll just hit some quick points. First off, I just fell into a pretty bad funk for quite a while. Employment has been shaky, as I've done a few odd jobs here and there to raise a few bucks. Once again, fret not as I'm not starving. However, things were rough there for a bit and my desire to write just kind of went away for a bit. I guess it happens to all bloggers here and there.

One other goofup ended up being PAX East. While I had fun at the event, a few other things occurred that tainted the while experience. First was the hotel overcharging me! It actually took awhile to get things resolved, but I was knee deep in a hole for a bit. On top of that, my business debit card came up missing!!! For the whole trip, I was agonizing over where it was. Nothing was getting charged to my card at that time, which increased my mystery. Well, turned out it was my dumb ass, as I had left it in my car at the fucking airport! That teached me a very valuable lesson: never catch a flight at 5:30am in the freaking morning just because it's $20 cheaper than a later flight. You're gonna forget some shit. Despite those setbacks, I did have some fun at PAX, and I'll detail that in a later blog.

Wow, it sucks to have been gone for so long. I missed the good stuff like the PS4 reveal. I also missed the bad stuff, like the passing of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. Jeff was a truly major loss for me personally, and it's something I really want to write about. I actually have a few other things to chat about. Let's just hope time and money hold out this time.

Before I go, this is 8-bit Metal Mondays, so let's do some traditional video posting. I was awarded the honor of seeing Ghost this past weekend. While I enjoyed listening to their cd's, it's NOTHING compared to their live act!!! There's just this sonic vibe that comes out of their live set that a studio just can't get. Seriously, go see these guys ASAP! Believe the hype! Also, believe the bleepiness! Let's also add on some live stuff for balance.