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Monday, May 20, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays: THE RETURN!!!!!

Hello gang. It's been a few months since the site was active, thanks to a few things in my personal life going haywire. Instead of doing a long, drawn out thesis, we'll just hit some quick points. First off, I just fell into a pretty bad funk for quite a while. Employment has been shaky, as I've done a few odd jobs here and there to raise a few bucks. Once again, fret not as I'm not starving. However, things were rough there for a bit and my desire to write just kind of went away for a bit. I guess it happens to all bloggers here and there.

One other goofup ended up being PAX East. While I had fun at the event, a few other things occurred that tainted the while experience. First was the hotel overcharging me! It actually took awhile to get things resolved, but I was knee deep in a hole for a bit. On top of that, my business debit card came up missing!!! For the whole trip, I was agonizing over where it was. Nothing was getting charged to my card at that time, which increased my mystery. Well, turned out it was my dumb ass, as I had left it in my car at the fucking airport! That teached me a very valuable lesson: never catch a flight at 5:30am in the freaking morning just because it's $20 cheaper than a later flight. You're gonna forget some shit. Despite those setbacks, I did have some fun at PAX, and I'll detail that in a later blog.

Wow, it sucks to have been gone for so long. I missed the good stuff like the PS4 reveal. I also missed the bad stuff, like the passing of Jeff Hanneman of Slayer. Jeff was a truly major loss for me personally, and it's something I really want to write about. I actually have a few other things to chat about. Let's just hope time and money hold out this time.

Before I go, this is 8-bit Metal Mondays, so let's do some traditional video posting. I was awarded the honor of seeing Ghost this past weekend. While I enjoyed listening to their cd's, it's NOTHING compared to their live act!!! There's just this sonic vibe that comes out of their live set that a studio just can't get. Seriously, go see these guys ASAP! Believe the hype! Also, believe the bleepiness! Let's also add on some live stuff for balance.

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