Games Meet Metal: BEHEMOTH RETURNS!!!

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Friday, May 31, 2013


And about damn time too! It's been too long since the world experienced some proper Polish damnation. Their new album is ready to go, and it is called THE SATANIST!!!! Knowing the band and their lyrics, the title seems a little too obvious. That's like if the Beatles ever got back together and titled their reunion album, "Two Of Us Are Dead." You know, just slightly too on the nose.

So, if Behemoth is about to release a new album, that means Nergel must still be in good health, and that he has truly kicked cancer in the man nuts for good. Great news all around. This also means that they're shouldn't be much in the way of health issues when Behemoth play the Mayhem Fest this year, which I hope to attend.

Then there's bad news: THE SATANIST won't be out until the fall. Aw, poo sticks. I guess all sacrificial altars awaiting the blood of virgins will just have to wait until then.

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