Games Meet Metal: June 2013

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Monday, June 24, 2013

8-Bit Metal Mondays: The Black Dahlia Murder Love Detroit

Aw, crap, where did I go for a fucking week? Well, I GOTS ME A JOB!!!! Finally, after forever, I got an opportunity to put some honest greenbacks into my bank account. I hope a few of y'all can understand the need for some quick cash. Thus, I had to delay the typing of festivities from Orion and E3 until tomorrow and Wednesday.

Even more good news is that Black Dahlia Murder's video for Goat of Departure, which they filmed in Detroit and I attended, was just releases today. Thanks to power of the god of editing, yours truly makes an appearance! Granted, I had to really go through the whole thing to find me, but at the 2:20 mark, there I am behind the right shoulder of a fake Slash. Ah, may the fame now roll in.

So, here's that clip, along with some bleepy love.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

E3 2013 Picture Dump!

Once again, not much to say, as I'll be going over everything from the previous week on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 10, 2013

8-bit Metal Mondays: Baroness Before Orion

Quick note: I won't be live blogging any of the press conferences today because I'll be airport bound here in just a few.  Before then, I wanted to touch on the  pre-Orion show Baroness performed. First off, the Metallica boys themselves went on stage to introduce the guys. then the band themselves became extra pumped and put on an incredible performance. Hell, i'd be ready to do anything if Metallica mc'd me onto the stage.

Short and sweet here. let's get to the bleepy action, then i'm airborne.

Orion 2013 Second Pic Drop

More pics, many, so tired, type more later.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Orion Music And More Day One Pic Drop

First day of Orion is over, and I am sore as shit. Eh, fat guy tax, I suppose. So, as I get some rest, check out this huge collection of pics from the show. Expect another batch late tomorrow night as well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Konami's E3 Press Show: In And Out Like A One Night Stand

Konami hosted their heavily hyped pre-E3 pre taped presser today, and it was frightfully SHORT!! I was expecting at least an hour of info, but we only got a measly 30 minutes. Actually, we got less than that if you decide not to include all the jabber about mobile gaming and soccer/futbol. Nothing against you soccer fans out there. I know that Konami make make a crap ton of cash off their PES franchise, probably enough to make EA blush when compared to sales of the FIFA games. I just don't give two craps. In the end, the real attention came down to two games: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2.

The bog reveal was that Keifer Sutherland, Jack Bauer himself, would be voice-acting Naked Snake in the new Metal Gear. Not just the voice, either. Keifer got his himself all digitized up to be the visual mouthpiece for Big Boss as well. Right now, there's a bit of a backlash happening, as old school Metal Gear fans really want David Hayter, Snake's original voice actor, to reprise his role. Then there's others who believe that there's some conspiracy going on, and that David is still in the mix somehow. We won't know until we actually play the game, we just don't know when that will be yet.

Then there's the new Castlevania, which we actually do know is coming out this winter. Plus, we know for sure that there will be a demo on the E3 show floor. Oh, and the game looks like tits. See?

Monday, June 3, 2013

8-bit Metal Mondays: Meet The New Slayer Drummer, Same As The Old Slayer Drummer

No, not Lombardo, the OTHER Slayer drummer.

It's no secret ow that Dave Lombardo has been bounced from the Slayer lineup, allegedly over his concerns of how his payouts were being handled. Whether it was not enough or too infrequent is anybody's guess, but Dave's insistence in finding out got him turfed. Terrible timing too, since it happened right before the untimely passing of Jeff Hanneman. So, it looked like Slayer would continue on, but with only two original members.

Then Paul Bostaph stepped back into the picture.

While not an original member, Paul was with the band for quite awhile after Dave's first exit. He played on three Slayer albums, and was a very suitable replacement. Given a choice, I'd still wish Dave had stayed as I prefer his style of drumming. However, Paul does have his own unique style, and can play the classics without much of a fuss. About the only other guy I could see in that slot is Kevin Kelley, but Battlecross got to snag him first.

And now, time for some Slayer bleepy action!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Behind The Scenes Of The Black Dahlia Murder Video Shoot

Like the title says, the BDM held a video shoot today for the song Goat of Departure, which is off their soon-to-be released cd Everblack.  They taped it in their home town of  Detroit at  a bar beneath The Magic Bag, a venue the band has played a million times over. The bar itself was a  pretty tiny space, and today it was a party ground for over 300 metalheads, myself included. I took my digital camera with me, and snapped as many pics as I could. just click the button below to view them all.