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Friday, January 30, 2015

Nintendo and Limited Edition Insanity!!!!

So, let's talk greedy assholes and their ability to absolutely ruin the joy of limited edition stuff.

Now, Nintendo loves making limited edition versions of their consoles. Both the Wii nad thw Wii U have had a few beauty dressings, but the systems that have had the biggest hits were the DS and 3DS. This is especially true whenever a new Zelda game comes around for the super sweet handheld. Hey, I'm a capitolist pig, I get the skinny of what's going on. Take advantage of the moment the second lightning strikes. Not much problem here, especially since the systems themselves look so extravagent.

The last 3DS system to get a Zelda do-over was when A Link Between Worlds was released. It was a real humdinger too. Faux gold on the front made to look like thr Triforce. A real beauty, it was. I wasn't able to snag one, as the system came with the game preloaded, and I already had a physical copy paid off. Sad for me. However, a new Zelda remake of Majora's Mask is coming out, and we're even getting an update to the hardware: the NEW 3DS, to be exact. Even more silliness, both the game and the system are gonna have limited editions! The game will have a statue of Skull Kid, while the system will have a Majora's Mask paint job on the front. Excellent for everybody, right?


I was bale to obtain both versions, because I had heard early enough in the day of their availability. From there, it was just hopping online and providing my credit card number. However, many people missed out on even getting a chance ti snag their own. That's not out of the ordinary, but each item was only avaailable for a small time window. The Majora's Mask game/statue combo sold out in thirty minutes, while the system went away in fifteen minutes!!!! Gamestop themselves couldn't even offer the systems in their own brick and mortar stores because the online orders blew through their allotment. Best Buy had to issue cancellations and refunds because they oversold on theirs.

So, how could a limited edition, that regular gaming geeks should have had the chance to get, suddenly just poof away like they were Led Zepplin reunion tickets? The answer is the modern day scalper. Go ahead and search ebay for the game and system. You'll probably find ridiculous markups. My search found a combo pack of the limited edition game, system, and strategy guide for over $800!! That's just a ridiculous raise in price and is really taking advantage of people who don't have any other option.

Sadly, it's not just the scalper's fault. Nintendo should shoulder some of the blame themselves. Their own weird desire to make these limited editions and not attempt a second second or third run is kind of sad to see. An even better example is with the big N's amiibo figurine run. Stopping reprints of figures, limited store-by-store exclusive figures, JESUS JIMMENY!!!! What, is Nintendo getting a cut of the sales from those ebay scalpers?

Sadly, this is not a trend that is going away anytime soon. The scalpers have their ways of buying multiple systems and games, and will upcharge out the hoo-haa until we stop buying their stuff. Plus, we need to let Nintendo know that we really want what they put out, but won't put up with a 10-minute time window.


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